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Every six months, staff reevaluate priorities with you for your child. Sometimes priorities change from school readiness to ensuring the best, most independent quality of life. This is why the “Prep” program was created. BACA Prep prepares your children for the challenges they will face as an adult and focuses on quality of life. These may include hygiene and health, self-help, functional language and communication, appropriate curricular goals, employment, sexuality and safety skills. BACA Prep features individual and group therapy rooms, several lunch areas, large restrooms for hygiene and shower skills, laundry area, motor room with young adult fitness area, library, large outdoor fenced in playground, classrooms in preparation for school transition if appropriate and an apartment area to prepare for the most independent quality of life. BACA Prep has daily outings to test and train functional living skills in the real word. The Sprouts program is not featured here, but BACA still programs for training with neurotypical peers as needed and as available. NET, OT and speech are offered at this location. Members of the clinical team serving this location include Dr. Carl Sundberg, BCBA-D, Dr. Barb Esch, BCBA-D, Dr. John Esch, BCBA-D, Bob Ryan, BCBA, Dr. Mark Sundberg, BCBA-D, Troy Fry, BCBA, and Dr. Peter Gerhardt, Ed. D.

Ann Dorlet, M.A., BCBA

Clinical Director

Carrie Van Hoover, B.S.

Administrative Professional