If you notice or suspect signs of autism in your child, you’ve come to the right place.


At BACA, we know that autism isn’t always easy to spot and can include a range of symptoms. Our diagnostics team, located in Zionsville, can help you get answers.


How do you evaluate kids for autism spectrum disorder?

Evaluations consist of a clinical interview, standardized diagnostic tools, and optional cognitive and language testing.


What age children can be evaluated?

We provide diagnostic testing for toddlers and children up to age 4.


Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not necessary for a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. We can schedule an appointment within a matter of weeks if you have concerns about your child’s development or behavior.


Who performs your evaluations?

Headshot of Dr. David Kelly

Dr. David Kelly

Our diagnostic team performs evaluations. Dr. David Kelly is a licensed psychologist who received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University. His clinical work has focused on working with children, adolescents, and their families and includes work with our partner organization, the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP) in Milwaukee. While at WEAP, Dr. Kelly conducted psychological evaluations, assessing for autism and developmental delays in toddlers and young children. He recently moved to Indianapolis and joined BACA to continue to provide autism evaluations for kids here.


What happens after my child is evaluated?

If your child has a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, our specialists will create an individualized treatment plan for you. Our programs address a range of skills, including language and communication, socialization, play, self-care, and school readiness.


Do you accept health insurance? What about Medicaid?

Yes, we accept most health insurance plans, including Medicaid.