BACA is so proud to be an EEMpact Parenting Affiliate Partner.

EEMpact Parenting is a specialized parenting program developed for parents and families that have children with medical diagnoses and conditions developed by a global non-profit, Energizing & Empowering Minds. These programs were originally developed to support the bleeding disorder community. In response to parent requests, EEMinds just recently made these programs available for parents and families in the autism community.

These programs will help our BACA parents and families to –

  • – Adjust to their ‘new normal’
  • – Become more accepting of their emotions and feelings
  • – Deal with their stress in more effective ways
  • – Build their own and their child’s self esteem
  • – Apply communication tools that help in parenting and other relationships
  • – Connect with other families like them; not feeling isolated or alone

If you are interested in learning more about participating in a BACA EEMpact Parenting program, please contact your Director of Family Services and Marketing.