Once it’s finalized, the 2019 schedule and presentation descriptions will be listed on this page.


Links to 2018 presentations:

Day 1: 

Peter Possum Goes to a New School

On the History of Women in Behavior Analysis

Assessment and Treatment of Problem Behavior Related Rituals

Mastering Core Professional Skills as a Behavior Analyst

Planning and Conducting Effective Meetings

Playing to Learn: Creative Teaching Ideas to Enhance Social Validity of ABA Therapy for Young Learners

Evaluations of Imitation Training with Children with ASD

Women’s Tales of Leadership in an Evolving Workplace

Efficiently Forming Equivalence Classes: Strategies and Applications

Defining Success: A Behavior Analyst’s Take on Ethical Business Ownership and Setting Out to Achieve Professional and Personal Goals

Designing Receptive Language Programs: Pushing the Boundaries of Research and Practice

The Role of Vision in the Development of Tactile Discrimination Skills for Breast Self-Examination

Day 2:

Behavior Streams, Units and Repertoires: Implications for Theory and Practice

Impacting Clinical and Professional Behavior Through Basic Behavioral Processes: A Translation of Behavioral Persistence In and Out of Clinic

Concurrent Operant Assessments to Inform Intervention Design for Elementary Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and Reading Difficulties

Practical Strategies for Effective and Efficient Behavior Analytic Supervision

Dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis through Global Telepractice

Pretend Play and Language Assessment and Curriculum 

The Things You Can Teach When They Seem Out of Reach: Autism Treatment in a Limited Resource Setting 

Examining the Effects of Lower Intensity ABA Therapy on Meaningful Progress with Clients Diagnosed with Autism

Using Phonetic Hand Cues to Promote Speech Production Skills in Children with Autism with Limited Vocal Repertoires

Living the BCBA and Mom Life: Challenges, Triumphs and Truths

Training and Treating Wholeheartedly: Identifying a Role for Compassion Practices in the Profession of Behavior Analysis

**Compassionate Care Reference List

High Tech Happy Hour

Day 3:

ABA Business Bootcamp